We had a little excitement on our street this evening. As I was finishing dinner Hayden mentioned there was a fire truck coming down our street. I scooped up Jacob (who was, of course, helping me cook) and we ran to the window. When the fire truck stopped right outside the house next to us, I said we needed go out and see what was going on. I didn’t want to be eating dinner while a townhouse in our row was burning down (I know…neighbors and/or the firemen would have come knocking).

Jacob was excited to see the truck, but when the fireman asked if he wanted to sit inside, he wasn’t that thrilled. And when the fireman took him from my arms and put him in the seat, Jacob had a meltdown. I do appreciate the guy trying…I was ready with my camera!

Checkin' out the scene.

Love, love, love the hand in the pocket!