At the last minute this morning I decided to go out and try to see the Shuttle Discovery land at Dulles. The news was telling me it would land within 10 minutes…so Harper and I quickly dressed and ran out the door. As I was walking down my street I saw a guy in his PJs on a grassy hill by the house. He told me I missed the first pass, but that it should be back around again. So, I pushed the rickety Snap & Go up the hill and chatted with him…but he quickly had to go because the baby monitor in his hand alerted him that his son was up from his nap.

The imminent landing turned into over an hour wait, but it was worth it. I had my dad on the phone, who was watching the news coverage. I was worried it would land without coming close to me and I would be hanging out on the hill for nothing.

It’s hard to tell in this photo, but that’s the shuttle Discovery circling before landing today. I wanted to document this for Harper…she was a part of history today 🙂

Here’s a better shot when it got closer to us.

Another far away shot, but I loved the silo in the picture.