Hayden is playing in a golf tournament this weekend, so it’s just me and the kiddos. I read about a “Tractorpalooza” at the Heritage Farm Museum today and thought we should go check it out. Tractors are Jacob’s new favorite thing…and all construction equipment counts as a tractor. You can only image what the trip to Louisiana was like with all the farm land in southern Virginia and all the construction along the route.

The museum opened at 10am. By 9:00 I was showered, Jacob was dressed, and Harper just needed a fresh outfit. I was silently applauding myself–we were going to be early and have to find ways to kill time before we could get in the museum. Well, that was before I un-swaddled Harper. Yep, a blow-out like I’ve never seen blow-outs. The cloth diapers we use DON’T blow-out. Never. Not once with Jacob and not once in the two months Harper has used them. Well, until today. It was so bad, the only remedy was a bath.

So, my super helpful son and I trudged downstairs to give Harper a bath in the kitchen sink. I have this huge aversion to going downstairs before I’m ready to be down for the day, so my “early” feeling started to slip away. Harper had her two month shots yesterday, so she’s super fussy. Jacob loves to help, so he was super “helpful.” I was sweating so much from running around (and it was 74 degrees in the house…what the what??!) that I seriously considered taking another shower.

Finally, we were all dressed. I got Jacob to wear his sneakers, instead of his Crocs, by telling him tractors require sneakers. I got him to eat a Pop Tart, to save time, by telling him we couldn’t eat “popples” (waffles) and then go see tractors. I told him the only way we could stay outside to see the tractors was to wear his hat the whole time.  I’m starting to see the promise of tractors as a way to get him to do anything I want!

Dad called and agreed to meet us at the museum…so off we went. The Tractorpalooza was a little underwhelming in the “palooza” department. I don’t consider five tractors a palooza. BUT, there was a huge box truck filled with matchbox cars (inside and out) and some restored cars to see too. We also won the “tractor walk” (think cake walk with tractor music playing and tractor prizes). All-in-all, I think it was a fun outing.

Here’s a video of our day–with Harper at the end in her swing.