Day two of Hayden’s golf tournament went from lazy indoor play to all day fun! I wanted to check out a new indoor playground called Chibis that opened this month. Since we spent the day outside yesterday at the Tractorpalooza, I wanted to give Harper a break from the heat. Jacob and I headed over there around 11:00…what a perfect time! A party was just ending and then it was empty during lunch. I’m sure once word gets out about this place it will be crazy busy all the time.

There was a huge climbing frame with a super fast slide. The first time he went down I thought he was going to cry because he hit the mat pretty hard–but he got up smiling. Under the climbing frame was an area with Cozy Coupes, little Kawasaki ride-on toys, and a bunch of exercise bouncy balls. Over in one area was a huge kitchen (with broom!) and a reading area. There was also a toy area with train tables and other toys, an infant area for those under 3 (that Jacob wanted nothing to do with), and one other area that I can’t remember right now. There are also very comfy chairs for the adults to watch their kids, or the adults can climb on the frame.

For your paid admission you get 90 minutes of play. Our time was coming to an end and I was worried how Jacob would react…it was past nap time, we hadn’t had lunch, and he was having a ball. At his 5 minute warning, Dad called. He drove by the Ashburn Fire House and saw it was the open house today with FIRETRUCK RIDES! Thankfully I had sunscreen in the diaper bag and Jacob’s hat was still in the car. We ate the lunch of champions on the way–Ritz peanut butter sandwiches and fruit snacks.

The open house did not disappoint. We rode the fire truck, got on a school bus to learn about bus safety, got a penguin balloon animal, and used a fire hose. It was hot, but I had Harper in the Beco carrier, which has a cover for her head (so she got to ride the fire truck too!). When we left, I had two kids who were dragging…exactly what I would call a success.

And now Hayden and I are up late (it’s 11:15 guys!) making little breakfast egg and sausage “muffins” for the next few weeks. Some will go in the fridge for the coming week and the rest will hit the freezer. Why?! I go back to work next week. Yep…more of that to come.