August was another busy month for the Gafford family. I took a lot of sibling photos for my D-DoG on Facebook (Daily Dose of Gafford), so my daily photo quest is still moving along with the iPhone. Along with always wanting to hold Harper, he helps feed her bottles AND he helps wash them!

Jacob also went to his first football game with Papaw one Saturday; then Papaw, Jacob and I went to his second football game that next Thursday. I think he might be really sad when the Skins play an away game this coming week.

August was also the month that Jacob decided to say bye-bye to his paci(s) all together. One minute he’s switching all three out while talking to me, and literally the next morning he decided he wanted to throw them away. He’s only been allowed to have his pacifiers upstairs and in the car since he was one…so it’s been 1.5 years of limited paci use. This last week he told me they were “yucky” and that “pacis are for babies and I’m a big boy.” So, I asked if he wanted to throw them away. He said yes, and we went downstairs to throw them in the trash. We’ve had a few whining sessions at night and first thing in the morning, but I remind him they were yucky and that he threw them away. That brings him to his favorite subject: trash trucks. Then he forgets about the pacis. Today, however, he didn’t ask about them at all. When he sees the picture of him throwing them away, he reminds me they were yucky.

We also went back to the indoor playground, Chibis, for Jayde and Jacob to play. And we brought the moon bounce to Gia and Papaw’s house for Jacob and Charles to jump jump.

And, finally, Jacob had school photos taken again…on a pony! Yes, it was Pony Picture time. The little ones who couldn’t sit on a pony had “beach” pictures taken. So, we got photos of Jacob on a pony, Harper in some sort of papasan type chair with a beach background, and one picture of both kids together on the beach. Jacob’s smile on the pony was fantastic–that kid was excited! Harper looks very confused. And the pic of both of them? Not good at all. So, we got an 8×10 of both kids for the wall of pictures on our stairwell, and wallets of Jacob. Shhh, don’t tell Harper we didn’t buy any wallets of her…they just weren’t good at all!