Happy First Birthday Harper Dear!

We celebrated Harper’s birthday a little early this year. Adam and his family weren’t available the second weekend in March, and since the three of them were about 1/2 the guests, we celebrated the first weekend of the month. Harper wasn’t feeling 100%, but she trudged through the day.

Aunt Shonda made her a tutu to wear with the cute onesie she made. She also made her a highchair tutu for her cake eating debut. When it came time to sing, she was about to fall asleep. We put the cake in front of her…and she just sat there. Hayden dipped her paci in the frosting and gave her a taste…and then she perked up! She ate away while Jacob and Charles took turns blowing out her candle.

We waited until her actual birthday to open presents from extended family and her teacher at school, Ms. Esma. Harper received some adorable dresses from everyone–she’s one stylish little girl.