It’s been building for months. We’ve talked about it non-stop. We spun webs, we painted cardboard, we created a tutu. We sang the Spiderman theme song and we dressed up in our Spiderman suits every day after school. None of us could believe the time had finally come. IT WAS SPIDERMAN BIRTHDAY TIME!


I’m a fan of “stations” at parties at our house. Nothing scares me more than kids running around unstructured for two hours. That’s how things break; that’s how my nerves shatter. Thanks to Pinterest, I had a ton of ideas to pull from. And thanks to Hayden, the Silhouette I received for Christmas was running non-stop every weekend in February and March.

As people were arriving and I was frantically finishing the last minute details of the food, Hayden told me, “You better get your camera. You NEED to have your camera in your hand.” I had no idea what he was talking about…did he hire someone to come dressed as Spiderman? And if any of you know our friends…my thought went immediately to Sedric. At least, I hoped that was the friend who dressed up and not some others (no offense, Hayden’s friends šŸ˜‰ ). As I was standing around, bewildered, with my camera in my hand I heard a voice. A familiar voice. And then I saw this:


Dad was supposed to be home from a work trip around the second week of April. He had flown home, surprised everyone, and made it for Jacob’s party. It brought tears to my eyes and made the party start off with a bang.

As the guests arrived they went to the “Create Your Identity” station. I made masks for the kids and had foam stickers and crayons for them to decorate them. I also bought red capes at Target for each kid.


After they had their super hero identity created, we headed outside for the “Super Hero Training Camp.” You can’t unleash your super hero until there’s proper training.

DSC_9977 DSC_9983

After the Super Heroes were certified, they headed to the “Leap Tall Buildings” station, where they burned off some energy until it was time to eat.


Overall, I think everyone had a great time. I know Jacob and Harper did (as did Hayden and I). And with the Facebook “yard sale” groups we have in the neighborhood, I was able to sell what was left of the masks, the capes, and the birthday banner for a little moolah.

*My computer won’t save the whole slideshow at once: it’s too big and I have too much stuff on my computer. So here are the pictures broken up into stages. Enjoy.