Happy New Year!

In January Harper Dear was baptized. Jacob was on his best behavior as we had to sit in the front row of church. Why do they do that? We baptize infants in the Lutheran faith–so why make them sit in the front row? There is nothing more stressful than an hour of quiet time at church, two little kids, and the front row 😉 Hayden was fortunate enough to actually pour the water over Harper’s head, taking an active role in the baptism. Auntie Kate, Adam and Jane are Harper’s Godparents (and Jacob’s). Adam, Jane, and Charlie weren’t able to come, but we were trying to have her baptized before Papaw went out of town for work.

We also go serious about Jacob’s birthday and party prep. His birthday this year was Spiderman themed (and generically Super Hero), so we started by taking pictures of him in his Spiderman outfit for his invitation.

I finally got fed up with the play area in our living room. I tried to define the space with the foam letters on the floor, but the toys were still spilling everywhere. What’s a mom to do? Check out Pinterest! I saw some killer playrooms with Ikea shelves turned on their sides…allowing toys to find homes in the little cubbies. Hayden hates Ikea (what?!) so Gia and I went with Jacob. Two bookshelves (and some meatballs) later, we were on our way home. After we put together the shelves, Jacob decided he would put away his toys. Bless his heart–he put one or two toys in each little cubby and proclaimed he was finish. Never mind the piles of toys that still had no homes! After I showed him we had some bins, and every toy has a place, he was good about helping me to organize everything. I’ll say…since we put these together, toys are easier to find (all the cars in one bin; all the balls in another bin), and Jacob loves to help clean up.

Finally, we took (or tried to take) Harper’s 11 month photos. Although I didn’t get too many good ones of her on the blanket, I think I got some really great candids of her and Jacob playing. I’ll call that a win.