March was cRaZy! Harper began walking right around 11 months, so the whole month was a little wobbly for her. Jacob took that opportunity to help her, show her what to do, and knock her down a few times 😉

It snowed a few times during the month. Jacob had a great time helping Hayden use the snow blower and he made his first snowman. I thought we were set with the snow clothes, but when I pulled Harper’s out it was 3-6 months! Poor kid. So we dressed her in layers and held her most of the time. She didn’t seem to mind as she wasn’t really that into the wet, heavy snow.

We continued to prep for Jacob’s party, painting all the cardboard boxes in Ashburn with black paint. He “helped” a few times, getting his hands black in the process. Thankfully, for First birthdays we only invite the Godparents…which kept me off the hook this year. I’m not sure how I will be able to plan two birthdays in the same month with the amount of detail I’ve done for Jacob’s parties in the past. I think this year put it into perspective for me: something’s gotta give next year. There just isn’t enough time to work, raise a family, and plan two huge parties. We’re lucky next year: both kids are still a little young to invite “their friends” to parties. Of course we’ll invite 2-3 kids from Jacob’s class, but all the other kids are our friends’ kids. Next year will be a joint party…I’m already thinking of themes. When Jacob’s 5 and in Kindergarten, we might need to switch gears, but for next year we are safe.

The kids also had “Bunny Pictures” taken at daycare. The look in Harper’s face is priceless…and Jacob seems to be saying, “Get this thing off me.” For the record, I only ordered non-bunny pictures and the one of them together. They are just too cute sitting on that bench.