There’s really no point in me thinking I’ll actually update the blog from April – October. The thought of the all pictures and remembering is overwhelming. The best course of action, for me, is to just start fresh. So I’m going to focus on November. Although these posts won’t be in chronological order, you’ll really only know that because I’ve told you. So, without further ado, here are some videos from this month that just warm my heart.

Lately, the kids love playing “monster.” Usually Hayden is the monster, but in this case I guess Harper was the monster.

The kids found a little piece of paper on the floor in the kitchen and Jacob said it was yucky. Well, because she does EVERYTHING her brother does, Harper also said it was yucky. But she’s so expressive–it’s adorable.

And then there’s Harper talking…or lack thereof. Jacob didn’t start talking until he was two and didn’t really talk much until closer to 2.5. At 20 months Harper says Mom (in all forms….mom, momma, mommy, maMMA with the emphasis on different syllables much like Stewie on Family Guy). She says “Hi” and “Boo.” That about covers it. And the “boo” is only since Halloween. She pronounces it more like “ba” and almost like she could care less that she is saying it. Here are two videos of Harper Dear and “ba.”

(Notice the floss–she’s learning!)

And finally, Harper practicing her sign language while enjoying a new Gafford tradition: dinner and a movie in the playroom on Saturday nights.