Jacob goes to preschool M, W, F from 9-11:30. Monday was his last class before the Thanksgiving holiday and all the preschool kids performed in the Parade Train. Each class performed two songs, complete with hand motions. We were super excited–this was Jacob’s first school performance. Dad and  I got there early to save seats and were seated in the front row. FRONT ROW, people!

His class was the first to sing and came on stage as soon as they walked into the gym. They had to stand up there and wait until all the other classes came in and sat down. During that time Jacob spotted us and froze. He’s so shy, he didn’t make one hand motion–except to reach out to us, begging with his eyes to sit with us. As you’ll see in the pictures, girls next to him fell to the floor, yet his eyes didn’t move from us.

I  took video of part of the performance and the little boy a few kids down wasn’t doing a darn motion either. Both boys, standing stoically, as the girls moved, grooved, and sang their hearts out. Maybe when he’s four he’ll be ready for the stage.

When it was time for his class to sit and watch the other classes sing, he desperately wanted to sit with us. Finally his teacher, Mr. Garth, convinced him to sit on his lap.

After the performances there was a little party in the classroom. That’s where our gregarious Jacob’s personality came out. He laughed and shared his cupcake with his sister. You’ll also see a picture of a little girl dressed in a white sweater dress sitting on her mom’s lap. That’s Vivian. That’s his girlfriend. 🙂

Next performance? We’ll arrive at the last minute and pray for a seat in the BACK ROW, people!