I was saying today how thankful I was that we don’t have to travel this week. Seeing the traffic on the roads, dealing with the weather, and the overall stress of traveling with two kids is something I’ll happily pass on this year. So, to take it easy, I drove around all day–for over five hours. When I thought about it, I was sad I wasn’t somewhere much cooler than NoVa. See, today I was the medical taxi. After not being able to drive for about six weeks, and relying on family and friends to get around town, I finally have my freedom back. Hayden had a dentist appointment and my father had a doctor appointment and they both needed me to drive.

On the way home Hayden and I stopped at Harris Teeter for some last-minute items to complete our contribution to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow: mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. I hate Harris Teeter, but I knew today was not a day to “run in” to Wegmans. And I was right. As I was sitting in the car waiting on Hayden’s prescriptions, I saw on my Facebook feed that Wegmans was a crazy town. I was happy to get in and out for my bacon, sour cream, and cheese.

When we got home Jacob was very excited. He knew after nap today was when he could help with making the potatoes. He and Harper helped a lot…and only made a small mess. I’ll gladly clean up the mess if it means they are in the kitchen helping me cook. Here are some pictures of them helping. (And yes, he does get dressed. But the MOMENT he knows we are in the house for the night, out come the jammy-jams)!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!