On Saturday we headed out to Snickers Gap Tree Farm to cut down our tree. This is the same farm where we cut down our tree in 2010…then went the artificial route for a few years. That poor pre-lit tree has strands out, is a little droopy, and a just a little too short for a house. It was perfect when I bought it about eight years ago for the condo, but times have changed.

Jacob was very excited to pick out a tree. I kept asking him if the young, short trees were good, but he knew we needed one taller than him. Harper, however, hated every minute of the trip. I finally took a few pictures of her attached to my leg just to prove she was actually there. During the outing Lydia told me her family never puts up a tree, so this experience was new for her. I’m glad we could go, as a family, and create this memory.

Now Mr. Perfect Tree is sitting in a bucket of water in our garage. We are getting the first floor of the house painted over the next few days, so we can’t start decorating yet. I’m hoping we can being trimming the tree on Wednesday or Thursday. Let the Christmas season begin!