Sunday we had the first snowfall. It fell fast and it fell hard. I’d say we had about four inches of snow when it was all over. It wasn’t a good packing snow, but that didn’t stop Lydia and the kids from making a snowman. After the snow stopped, the freezing rain and sleet started. We had a huge sheet of ice on top of everything…the cars, the fallen snow, the sidewalks. Hayden had a two hour delay on Monday because of the ice. And with the additional snow we had today (Tuesday) he had off all day.

Jacob loved to shovel, and would get mad when I would clear off a part of the walkway without his help. Harper was a little unsure of everything, and being so close to the ground, with a million layers on, it was hard for her to navigate. After a while, she enjoyed it. And then shortly after that point, she was ready to go inside.

I do love our house. But this snowfall made me realize two things: (1) a corner lot is awesome…until you have to shovel the whole sidewalk all the way around and (2) only our side of the street has a sidewalk! Those across the street don’t have to shovel anything but their driveways and walkways. Slackers.

Here are pictures from Sunday’s snow. And I have no idea where the song came from, but it was in my iTunes. Maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that.

Monday we had an ice storm, which was beautiful, but melted rather quickly. The cars were covered in ice…well, not my car. She sits safely in the garage! We heard via Facebook that blowing bubbles in 32 degree weather or colder would cause the bubbles to freeze and shatter when popped. Well, Lydia and Jacob went out to test it, and all they got were bubbles. My weather app said it was 32 degrees, so maybe it was a little too warm at our house. In any event, I’m sure the neighbors thought we were crazy: outside just blowing bubbles like it was the summer.

Tuesday we got a second round that hit right at the morning rush hour, thus Hayden’s day off. The snow was heavy and wet, which made for a little bigger snowman. Jacob was a pro with the snow, and even Harper was more comfortable. We purchased a snowblower Monday, so this clearing went a little faster. And as a “pay it forward,” Jacob and I shoveled our neighbor’s walkway and Hayden used the snowblower to clear the driveway. These neighbors just had a baby and also have twin 15 month olds. The dad left early for work, so we thought we’d help out. In the winter storm of 2010, when I was about 8 months pregnant and Hayden was in Afghanistan, I had to be dug out by a friend of Hayden’s. I was worried I would go into labor and the EMTs wouldn’t be able to access my front door (we had about 16 inches that snow storm). So, I know what it’s like to be in the house and have the snow pile up. It teaches Jacob a good lesson about helping others, gave me a chance to introduce myself to this neighbor, and brought a smile to her face. Mission accomplished.