My baby girl turns two in 10 days. I can’t believe it. Up until now she hasn’t said many words. Jacob was a late talker and turned out fine, so we weren’t worried at all with her lack of a vocabulary. She communicates very well. Between gestures, sounds, and signing, we know what she wants. And, honestly, I’ve been relishing this time. Without a large vocabulary I can still think of her as a baby. Sure, she’ll always be my baby, but there’s something sweet and magical about my little girl running around, relying on us for almost everything.

Well, overnight, she’s talking. She finally said “daddy” on command (instead of coyly smiling and shaking her head no when Hayden asked her to say it). She’s saying please, and uh oh, and milk…

My baby girl is growing up.

Push, push, push, walk, walk, walk…repeat. She’s getting good at this!

And, here’s a picture of the kids in my car.