I took Friday off from work and Mom and I worked our tails off to get this party together. At first Jacob wanted a Pirate party. Since Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Sofia the First are popular pairings, I thought it would be easy to pull off. THEN, around December, he decided he really wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party. Argh…how would I combine the two? Well, Kate came up with the best name ever: Turtles and Tiaras.

As always, the thought of kids running around my house with no structure scares the bejesus out of me, so we again created stations. This was a little more complicated this year because the number of kids, so I decided to split them up: girls and boys.

Station 1: As the kids arrived they went to the coloring station. I had TMNT coloring pages and Sofia the First coloring pages. We called this “Turtles and Tiaras Art Studio.

Station 2: Secret Sewer Lair: The boys were outside and put on their turtle shells and grabbed their numchucks. Hayden and Adam were supposed to lead them in moves as a ninja–but apparently they just wanted to run around and be silly. There was also a small piece of construction equipment across the street, so that totally entertained the boys!

Royal Prep Academy: The girls stayed inside and decorated their wands. They also had their fingernails painted.

Station 3: Bounce Houses: We borrowed a princess castle bounce house from our neighbors. Combined with our bounce house, there was enough space for all the kids to jump their hearts out.

For the first time, I outsourced some of the party duties. I had a coworker design the invitation, and a high school friend baked the cake, cupcakes, and cake pops. Since I was essentially planning a double party, I just didn’t see how I would have time to do all the baking! The invitation came out great, and the cakes were moist and beautifully decorated–just as I imagined. Thanks, Three Monkeys Cakery.


(On this video, it fades to white toward the end. It is the end of the slideshow…not sure why we get white space for a while.)

And here is the end result of all the hard work!