Well, Jacob started daycare, not me! I went back to work full-time after taking off 18 weeks. I think it was a tough adjustment for both of us. For me, it was hard to leave my precious little guy. For him, he just had a hard time waking up early. We get up at 5am to start the day, which is a far cry from the 9am wake ups of the past. Luckily, Jacob can sleep at daycare while I actually have to function at work.

The daycare said they could use cloth diapers if I got a note from Jacob’s doctor. Thankfully, our Dr. was willing to write him a note. At first, the ladies were worried about the cloth, but after I went in and showed them how easy it would be for them, they thought it was a great idea. Each night this week, when I go to pick him up, we have long talks about cloth diapers. The ladies think if everyone knew how easy they were to use, more people would be using them. For daycare, I send him with Thirsties. These are so similar to regular disposable diapers that it seemed like a good choice. What I really like about these diapers is that the inserts come out automatically in the wash. With other pocket diapers you have to pull the insert out before throwing them in the wash. Since I come home with a wet bag full of a day’s worth of dirty diapers, I appreciate not having to go through the bag and pull out inserts from all the diapers.

On Monday, I arrived with Jacob, a huge bag of cloth diapers, changes of clothes, a blanket for his crib, and more bottles than he should use in one day. Since I breastfeed Jacob at home, I never know how many ounces of milk he drinks at one sitting. I had read that babies should only eat 1 – 1.5 ounces of breastmilk for every hour they are away from mom. That would have meant sending in 10-15 ounces (or three bottles with 5 ounces in them). But when my mom or friends watch him and give him a bottle, he will sometimes eat 6 ounces and cry for more. So, I sent three 5 ounce bottles and three 1 ounce bottles. Each day this week, however, I’ve come home with more bottles with milk still in them. Today, Friday, I only sent him in with three 5 ounce bottles. That seems to be the magic amount.

On that first day Jacob was great. I passed him off to Mrs. Stephanie and he never looked back. I had to talk to myself the whole way out the door to keep myself from crying. Jacob takes a lot cues from how I act, so I wanted to be strong for him. When I got out to the car, I teared up a little, but by the time I was out of the parking lot, I was good to go. I had to get my game face on for the traffic that was ahead.

One of the main reasons we picked Winwood was because they have Toddler Link video cameras in each room. From my computer at work I can log in to see how little Jakey is doing. We also get guest accounts so that grandparents can also look in if they want. I think most of my week was spent watching him at daycare. For the most part, I can tell he’s happy and having a fun time. But there are other times when I see him crying and no one is sprinting to him, picking him up, and planting one million kisses on him like I would if I were there. But, then again, I don’t want them kissing and hugging him!

I just keep telling myself that this good for him. Since I’m the only one at home right now, he was starting to get really attached to me. I know this interaction will help him be a little more “stranger” friendly. He’s also getting to see older kids crawl and walk, which I hope will encourage him to roll over 😉

A full body shot of his first day of school outfit

Happily helping me get together his bottles in the morning