Yep, she’s calling Daddy like she calls the dog 😉

No fooling here–it was another beautiful day! As soon as I got home we went outside. We were there until Hayden got home three hours later (darn traffic!). Loving this weather!




Finally, a beautiful day. We walked to Sweet Frog to celebrate Harper’s awesome job potty training (that’s one mile each way). In one week she earned 28 stickers! And since these are virtual stickers inside an app, she only gets stickers when I’m home with my phone. So this awesome week doesn’t even account for what a great job she does all day when I’m at work!

Say it with me, “Girls are so much easier to potty train!”


Jacob: Mom, we haven’t had dessert.
Me: Okay, let’s have a cupcake!
–Busy myself cleaning up the living room. Look over, kids smiling and eating away.
–Walk over…
–Uncontrollable laughter from Jacob, Harper, and me.
–Grab camera and take a picture. I know she had at least two, based on the icing content of the cupcake she had in front of her. That means he was on his THIRD!

Hiding…trying to finish ANOTHER cupcake!

Hiding…trying to finish ANOTHER cupcake!

Presents from Aunt Shonda

Presents from Aunt Shonda

Thumbs up!

Thumbs up!

Wow…the eyes close?!

Wow…the eyes close?!

Harper's newest doll. The doll and Harper have dresses to match!

Harper’s newest doll. The doll and Harper have dresses to match!

I took Friday off from work and Mom and I worked our tails off to get this party together. At first Jacob wanted a Pirate party. Since Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Sofia the First are popular pairings, I thought it would be easy to pull off. THEN, around December, he decided he really wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party. Argh…how would I combine the two? Well, Kate came up with the best name ever: Turtles and Tiaras.

As always, the thought of kids running around my house with no structure scares the bejesus out of me, so we again created stations. This was a little more complicated this year because the number of kids, so I decided to split them up: girls and boys.

Station 1: As the kids arrived they went to the coloring station. I had TMNT coloring pages and Sofia the First coloring pages. We called this “Turtles and Tiaras Art Studio.

Station 2: Secret Sewer Lair: The boys were outside and put on their turtle shells and grabbed their numchucks. Hayden and Adam were supposed to lead them in moves as a ninja–but apparently they just wanted to run around and be silly. There was also a small piece of construction equipment across the street, so that totally entertained the boys!

Royal Prep Academy: The girls stayed inside and decorated their wands. They also had their fingernails painted.

Station 3: Bounce Houses: We borrowed a princess castle bounce house from our neighbors. Combined with our bounce house, there was enough space for all the kids to jump their hearts out.

For the first time, I outsourced some of the party duties. I had a coworker design the invitation, and a high school friend baked the cake, cupcakes, and cake pops. Since I was essentially planning a double party, I just didn’t see how I would have time to do all the baking! The invitation came out great, and the cakes were moist and beautifully decorated–just as I imagined. Thanks, Three Monkeys Cakery.


(On this video, it fades to white toward the end. It is the end of the slideshow…not sure why we get white space for a while.)

And here is the end result of all the hard work!

All dressed up and no where to go…except to bring Jacob to school!

Hello, Backpack!

Hello, Backpack!

He did NOT bring the weapons to school :)

He did NOT bring the weapons to school 🙂

Lydia trying to get Harper to go pick up Jacob after school.

Lydia trying to get Harper to go pick up Jacob after school.

You can't catch me!

You can’t catch me!

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